Technically advanced laboratories Well-established experience On cosmetics industry to serve worldwild cosmetics brand.
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Private Label Contract cosmetic manufacturers
We are a professional cosmetic manufacturing and supply company specializing in custom private-label cosmetic products for global cosmetic brands.
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Focus on private label makeup for 11 years
Thincen Technology is one of the professional manufacturers & exporters of cosmeitc items,such as Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Eyebrows, Highlighter, Blusher, Foundation,etc with 11 years of experience.
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Why choose us
  • Thincen Technology is one of the professional manufacturers & exporters of cosmeitc items,such as Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Eyebrows, Highlighter, Blusher, Foundation,etc with 11 years of experience.
  • The company is dedicated to various aspects of the cosmetics business, including design, research, development, manufacturing, and innovation,OEM/ODM.
  • Owns a makeup factory that has been serving the cosmetics manufacturing industry for over 11 years.
  • The company has obtained global certifications, such as GMPC and ISO 22716, ensuring high-quality standards.
  • Providing customized services to over 1,000 privatebrandsᅠ in more than 120 countries worldwide.
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Global cosmetic brand Manufacturer

in pursuit of better private-label solutions.​
Building the Best Women's Cosmetics Brand
The most professional one-stop cosmetic supplier
OEM/ODM cosmetics line requires large MOQ. We manufacture what you need for your own beauty line.​
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Why Choose Thincen Cosmetics

Start your own cosmetic brand

You will get more from the following
Brand Trust

Thincen cosmetics has worked for over 1,000 makeup brands worldwide, many of which are start-ups.

Brand Advantages

Offering a full range of cosmetics at ultra-low market prices Offering over 1000 cosmetic products and a variety of packaging.

Brand Services

We share knowledge of the makeup industry and market beauty fashion trends with our clients to help you get creative and create designs, develop and deliver merchandise.

Private Label Customized Manufacturing Process

The cosmetics industry's production process involves a combination of scientific formulation, precise manufacturing techniques, quality control, and compliance with regulations to create products that are safe and appealing to consumers.

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Product Formulation and Development

Thincen's experienced R&D team develops unique private label cosmetics formulations using the latest research and technology. We focus on selecting high-quality, safe, and effective ingredients while considering the client's desired product features, such as texture, color, and benefits.
Strictly complies with GMPC and ISO22716 certification standards.

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Makeup Ingredient Sourcing and Testing

Ingredients are sourced from Thincen Make up suppliers. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet quality and safety standards. This testing can include stability, efficacy, and safety assessments.
Your Experience, Our Priority
Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our range of services tailored just for you.

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Preparation of Ingredients

Ingredients are weighed, measured, and prepared according to the formulation's specifications. This might involve mixing, heating, and blending to create the desired product consistency.
Enjoy the benefits of a free prototype and design.Providing customized services to over 1,000 privateᅠbrandsᅠ in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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Emulsification and Mixing

Emulsification and mixing are essential processes in the formulation and production of cosmetics. These processes help blend together different ingredients with varying properties, ensuring that the final product is stable, smooth, and effective. Here, I'll explain the concepts of emulsification and mixing in the context of cosmetics.

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Quality Control and Testing

At various stages of Cosmetics production, quality control checks are performed. This ensures that the product meets its intended specifications and safety requirements. Testing can involve texture, color, fragrance, pH, viscosity, and microbiological testing.

Upon approval of the prototype, we move into the manufacturing phase. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled production team ensure precise manufacturing, maintaining consistency across batches while scaling according to client demands.
Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our range of services tailored just for you. Enjoy the benefits of a free prototype and design.

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Filling and Packaging

Product Preparation: Cosmetics are prepared by mixing ingredients to achieve the desired formulation before filling.
Filling Process:
Different types of cosmetics may require different filling methods, such as pumps, nozzles, or automated filling machines.
Cosmetic manufacturers need to ensure accurate filling to meet product specifications and avoid overfilling or underfilling.
Packaging Materials:
The choice of packaging materials is critical to maintaining the cosmetics' quality and safety.

Labeling and Branding:
Cosmetic packaging should be designed to convey essential information to consumers.
Branding elements like logos, colors, and designs are crucial for marketing and creating brand recognition.

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Final Inspection

Thincen adheres to the highest quality standards. We conduct thorough testing to ensure products meet regulatory requirements and our own internal quality benchmarks. Our GMPC and ISO 22716 certifications underscore our commitment to quality.
"You are warmly welcome to join us as our partner and distributor"
Start your own cosmetic brand

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Storage and Distribution

The finalized products are carefully packaged and prepared for distribution. Thincen's global reach allows us to efficiently deliver products to more than 120 countries, helping our clients expand their market presence.

Customize some unique collections for your makeup brand

We have the ability to develop the makeup formulas and color schemes you want.Custom Makeup Palette


 We provide you with the cosmetic containers you want within a certain quantity.

We work with over 10 major cosmetic packaging manufacturers and can meet the best packaging solutions for your cosmetic brand within the required budget.


Manufacturing plant strength

Thincen Cosmetics has obtained global certifications, ensuring high-quality standards, and has provided customizedservicestoover1,000private brands in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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