8 Makeup Tips! Essential Knowledge for Makeup Enthusiasts

Makeup is a technical skill; one must master certain Makeup Tips!!!

Concealer should be used skillfully.

When there are pimples, dark spots, or dark circles on the face, the desire to conceal them is natural, especially under the influence of the trend for delicate base makeup. All imperfections on the face need to be covered up well, making concealer a must-have item on every girl’s makeup table. However, be cautious about the color selection!


If the imperfections are not too obvious, the concealer for blemishes should not be too dark, keeping it natural. Don’t just apply it on the pimple; apply some concealer around it to make it look natural. The color of the concealer for dark circles should be slightly darker than your skin tone to cover them effectively. For larger blemishes like freckles, it’s best to mix foundation and concealer for a more natural look and to avoid color mismatch. Also, liquid concealer is easier to blend than cream or powder. For beginners, it’s best to choose a texture that is easy to blend.

Focus on one feature on your face.

Some people can’t wait to try various colors on their face, ending up looking like a Christmas tree. It’s a real failure!


The same principle applies as choosing clothes; focus on either the eyes, cheeks, or lips. Don’t be greedy and apply everything on your face. If the eye makeup is bold, remember, keep the blush and lip color lighter. Conversely, if there isn’t much time for eye makeup, bold lip color can make you look more energetic!

Don’t forget to clean your brushes.

While doing makeup, you might find that previously, applying blush a few times would make your cheeks rosy. Why doesn’t it work the same way today with the same brush and blush? It’s time to reflect: maybe your brush is too dirty!


Cleaning brushes is essential. Brushes not only easily accumulate dirt but also absorb facial oils while applying makeup, causing their powder application ability to decrease over time. So, make it a habit to regularly clean your brushes. It benefits both your skin and makeup products!

Don’t overdo the foundation for a white complexion.

Although fair skin can cover imperfections, a noticeable color difference between the face and neck still gives away the secret! This is a big no for makeup artists. Also, make sure to apply foundation evenly around the hairline and corners of the mouth, or else it might look patchy!


Test foundation on the inner side of your elbow. Some people suggest applying it on the jawline, but the foolproof way is to directly apply foundation on the junction between your face and neck. Take a mirror with you and check under natural light. If the color blends seamlessly into your skin, it’s right! Never choose a foundation shade that is significantly different from your skin tone; natural looks better!

Don’t draw just one straight line for your eyebrows.

Walking around, you might still see many girls drawing their eyebrows like two straight lines. Oh my! It’s a fail! Seriously, stop doing it because eyelashes aren’t “naturally” two straight lines made by an eyebrow pencil.


If your eyebrows are sparse, draw each hair individually. Hold the eyebrow pencil at a 45-degree angle and draw in a blending manner. Besides using an eyebrow pencil to outline the shape, you can also use the popular eyebrow powder to blend a little, creating a natural hair-like effect.

Remove excess oil before touch-ups.

In hot weather, many people feel oily and immediately reach for their powder, neglecting the facial oils that have been secreted. This can lead to clumpy makeup.


According to Lancôme’s Education Training Manager Meng Xianxiang, clumpy makeup accumulates in your eye and mouth wrinkles over time, making you look ten years older. The reason lies in people’s love for touch-ups without oil absorption. So, remember to use oil-absorbing sheets to remove excess facial oil before touching up your makeup. Then, your touch-up will be more effective.

Start touch-ups from the T-zone.

Compared to the thickness of the entire facial skin and the amount of oil secretion, the cheeks should not be the first consideration. However, whether it’s touch-ups or exfoliation, many girls start directly from their cheeks. Starting from today, change this bad habit!


Touch-ups should start from the T-zone and forehead because these areas tend to get oily. You only need a minimal amount or even no touch-up on your cheeks. Similarly, exfoliation should start from the T-zone to the face’s periphery and finally the cheeks.

Be meticulous when removing mascara.

Leaving traces of mascara happens to many girls. Over time, eyelashes become brittle and unhealthy, which requires extra care.


Using cleansing oil directly to remove mascara is fine. However, it’s better to pour the cleansing oil or eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad first. Treat your eyelashes like a sandwich cookie. Once the cleansing oil dissolves the mascara, you can easily remove it. If you want to strengthen the removal, remember that mascara is usually applied in a fan shape. So, follow the shape and clean your upper lashes from the inside out and your lower lashes from the outside in using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

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