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Cosmetic Packaging Box Guide

In the cosmetic industry, product packaging is crucial and can bring unexpected visual effects to customers. Do you understand the cosmetic packaging industry? If not, there are many things to consider and investigate.
One of the most important things is the right packaging material. But what material should you choose for your cosmetic packaging boxes? Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into two parts: the product packaging and the outer box of the product.

The overall packaging material is usually provided by the cosmetic manufacturer with drawings or general requirements and produced entirely by the packaging material manufacturer, while some packaging materials are divided into more subtle specifics and needs, including partial printing, bottle-related packaging materials, and bottle packaging… Depending on the type of cosmetic packaging, some small accessories can also be outsourced specifically. The cosmetic packaging industry is closely related to cosmetics. Today, the overall homogenization of the cosmetic industry has increased the value of packaging materials. In recent years, the industry is also calling for low-carbon and environmentally friendly packaging services.

Cosmetic packaging materials are divided into glass and plastic.Cosmetic

  1. Glass
    Glass is used for cream bottles (glass body + double-layer plastic outer cap), spray bottles (glass body + plastic pump head or anodized aluminum pump head), toners (glass body + plastic inner stopper + outer cap), lotion bottles (glass body) + inner stopper + large cap or rubber dropper + anodized aluminum cap).
    The production process of glass. Bottles must be sprayed with clear, frosted, and colored bottles. In addition, white porcelain bottles and essential oil bottles are not commonly used in color but are ordered in large quantities. Professional lines are rarely used.
  2. Plastic category
    Hose plastic (hose + PE plastic cap/hose), lip gloss bottle, essence bottle, water bottle, pump head, outer cover.
    Plastic products production process: bottles are directly produced colored plastic products, colored with more, transparent with less.

Cosmetic outer packaging box material is divided into paper and plastic

  1. Paper products
    Paper is divided into small beer boxes (single copper paper printed beer, folded, pasted) and heaven and earth boxes (single copper paper printed beer, folded, with top and bottom cover).
    Handmade boxes. After printing on double copper paper or bank cardboard, it is mounted on a cut gray board and combined into a box.
    Printing production process: spot-color printing, four-color printing. Hot stamping, embossing, frosted UV. 3. Inner support (E-paper inner support) beer wells, protected by small beer boxes. Usually not printed on the machine.
  2. stickers (plastic paper material, single copper paper, PVC material, synthetic material, can be printed and stamped in gold and silver). 5. laser stickers (each product bottle is sealed to prevent opening) outer box is protected by a carton and knife card for easy transportation.
  3. Plastic products

Plastic can be PVC/PET bags or cylinders, with this model instead of carton packaging, you can do screen printing, hot stamping, or hot stamping silver treatment. Aluminum film composite bags, and PE composite aluminum bags are generally used for mask cloth and film powder can do printing, hot stamping, or silver stamping treatment.
Plastic inner tray (PVC/PET plastic inner tray, EVA foam inner tray, flocked inner tray, shrink film)

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