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Private Label cosmetics manufacturers

We insists high-quality raw materials with perfect formulas. Al products are vegan with cruelty-ree tests. Just order the sample and trit!

Save Your
Time & Money

Our private label service is an efficient way to build your brand and offer quality products, bypassing the complexities of product development from the ground up.

Ideal for emerging businesses or those looking to expand into new cosmetic lines.

Create your own makeup line with Thincen Cosmetics. Thincen proudly presents the white label cosmetic and OEM services.

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How We Work at Cen Cosmetics

Private Label Makeup Cosmetic Manufactures

We are a professional cosmetic manufacturing and supply company specializing in custom private-label cosmetic products for global cosmetic brands. We have partnered with over 1,000 cosmetic brands worldwide, from smaller emerging cosmetic brands to some of the largest and most powerful brands in the market. As a cosmetic manufacturer, we are very versatile and flexible, and we go above and beyond to make the best cosmetic products for our client’s brands.

Not only do we provide marketing input to develop branded cosmetics  for our brand or white label cosmetics (and packaging), but we meet each client’s needs and requirements, distinguishing types of interventions and collaborations.

We specialize in private label makeup manufacturing, offering a comprehensive solution that includes the development of popular, standard line cosmetic products. We provide a low initial order quantity and fast production turnaround. This service encompasses everything from formulation development to packaging, ensuring a seamless process for your private label makeup line.

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Thincen Best Selling Products

Meet your private label eyeshadow palette

Private LabelEyes Makeup Products

Discover a wide range of eyeshadow palettes at Thincen Cosmetics, a leading private label manufacturer.
There are many kinds of eye shadow products to choose from, DIY eye shadow palette, loose powder neon eye shadow.Choose from a variety of matte glitter colors.

Private Label Lips Makeup Product

Offering a wide range of lip collections for your makeup brand. Get ultra low starting order quantity and have your logo printed on the package. Explore now!

2 2Vegan Matte Lipstick Customization (1)
Face Makeup Product

Private Label Face Makeup Product

Our lightweight, full-coverage formula blends seamlessly for a flawless finish. Enhance your natural beauty with our customizable private label cosmetics. Explore now!

Private Label Makeup Brushes

Discover a wide range of high-quality makeup brushes from top manufacturers. Enhance your makeup application experience with innovative fibers, handles, and finishes. Explore now!

Black Makeup Brush Set(5pcs )5
Custom create your own lash line

Private Label Eyelashes

Discover a wide range of premium eyelashes for captivating eyes. Offers high-quality, cruelty-free eyelashes in various styles and materials. Elevate your beauty with our exquisite eyelash collection.

Self-branded cosmetic line Build your color cosmetics brand

Start your private label program so you can get to market faster, realize your dreams, and have smaller quantities produced for you at a lower cost and in less time.
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R&D Team

Our laboratories are staffed by a team of chemists with over 10 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Working with chemists, our product development team aims to help our clients explore and experiment with different formulations and textures of make-up products in order for the brand to grow, develop and become a shining icon in the cosmetic sky.
The cosmetics Thincen designs for each of its own brands are carefully crafted to be as innovative and original as possible within the context of each client’s needs.
Thincen is always striving to develop better quality private label cosmetics  to increase our customers’ competitiveness in the make-up industry.

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Quality and regulation

Thincen has a zero-tolerance policy for quality issues with all private label make-up products. We adopt strict quality control procedures and a meticulous approach to ensure that all cosmetic products we produce meet the standards required by our customers. In addition, we also ensure that all our own-brand cosmetics are produced to the maximum extent possible in accordance with the hygiene and health standards set by international law.

Different countries may have different requirements for the raw materials used in cosmetics and different standards for the labelling of products. Our regulatory authorities are always aware of changes in regulations required by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Union.

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Create your own cosmetic line​

By 2026, the global beauty industry is expected to be worth $756 billion. Want a piece of the action? Then go for it! Make your dreams come true by creating your own Private Label Cosmetics line.

- You have a unique idea that you want to share with the world! You've found your customer.
You've found a customer for your product and discovered an emerging trend!
- You work in the cosmeticsindustry and know exactly what your customers want.
- You already have a brand and want to expand your cosmeticline from other brands

You're ready to unleash your beauty brand on the world!

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How to Launch Your Own Cosmetics Line​

While there are many opportunities in the online cosmetics industry, there are some considerations to keep in mind when launching a cosmetics line. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started

- Choose your niche products and find cosmetics that your target customers like
- Conduct competitor research to position your brand
- Learn more about cosmetic products and local regulations
- Find a reliable lab or partner to produce your cosmetics and choose a private or white label

Thincen offers ultra-low starting quantities to help you do some market testing, and if all goes as you wish, which is exactly what we want, we have the capacity for mass production as well.

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Create a unique color cosmetics brand with us​

Thincen is a professional cosmetic private label manufacturer dedicated to creating the perfect brand for your cosmetics, working with over 2000 brands worldwide to create dreams and make them come true.

Providing you with the best ingredients, the most comfortable textures you prefer, and the most attractive packaging designed for you. Your brand logo!
Thincen's outstanding expertise and timely response can assure you that we are the long-term partner you are looking for!

Are you ready to start your own makeup line?

Customer Private Labeling Cases

Learn how to create your own makeup line with Thincen

Cosmetic color printing
Case study of printing own brand cosmetic products02

Cosmetic color printing

Makeup Private Label Product Silk Screen Printing Case3

Cosmetic color printing

Case study of printing own brand cosmetic products9

Cosmetic color printing

Case study of printing own brand cosmetic products

Cosmetic color printing

Case study of printing own brand cosmetic products6

Cosmetic color printing

Case study of printing own brand cosmetic products1

Cosmetic color printing

Makeup Private Label Product Silk Screen Printing Case2

Cosmetic color printing

color printing

Cosmetic color printing

color printing7 20220711162709

Cosmetic color printing

color printing12 20220711172149

Cosmetic color printing

We are a manufacturer & supplier of lipsticks

Lip series


Private Labeling Makeup FAQs

The price varies from the product quantities and SKUs of your order. Generally the more you order, the lower unit price you cost. Our price is very competitive.

Most products are NO MOQ needed for labeling. Products with complex printing may have requirements on MOQ. Feel free to contact us for details.

Our production time is as fast as 7 days. Repurchase orders could be completed in 3 days. The delivery date will take 7-10 days by air and 30-45 days by sea/ railway.

Our private label makeup goods are all produced according to FDA requirement. We don’t use the ingredients that are prohibited from regulations. We believe it is necessary to comply with all federal, state, and local cosmetic labeling, packaging laws and regulations.

We use high quality standard classic packaging for our private label cosmetics products (No MOQ). The MOQ for bespoke designed packaging will be much larger. Our OEM business department will walk you through the next steps.

Our factory holds GMPc and ISO22716 certificates. We are working with 3rd testing institutes such as SGS and Intertek for preparing testing and certificates as you require.

Our private label makeup products are make-to-order so your shelf-life will keep the longest. We collect order from cosmetics brands around the world and manufacture them in our advanced production line.

Yes, as a cosmetics manufacturer, we can develop your own makeup formulas according to your requirement or samples as benchmark. Our laboratory can prototype your samples within 7 days.

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