How we work

Private Label Contract cosmetic manufacturers

We are a professional cosmetic manufacturing and supply company specializing in custom private-label cosmetic products for global cosmetic brands. We have partnered with over 1,000 cosmetic brands worldwide, from smaller emerging cosmetic brands to some of the largest and most powerful brands in the market. As a cosmetic manufacturer, we are very versatile and flexible, and we go above and beyond to make the best cosmetic products for our client’s brands.

Not only do we provide marketing input to develop branded cosmetics for our brand or white label cosmetics (and packaging), but we meet each client’s needs and requirements, distinguishing types of interventions and collaborations. We can handle OEM makeup manufacturing (development of cosmetic formulations, fillers, and packaging) and private label makeup lines (standard line popular products, low initial orders, fast production).

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How to get the easiest and simplest private label solution?


Try a sample

The formulation and packaging of a cosmetic product is very important for a new brand. Trying out samples will help you determine which one is the best choice.


Choose colors and packaging

Choose colors from our high-quality cosmetic pigments and select the right packaging for your cosmetic brand. We can discuss market prospective color schemes with you.


Submit a design proposal

Our experienced design team will work with you to finalize a custom design for your packaging that fits your brand positioning. Prototype designs are optional.


Production and Delivery

Once the product is confirmed with a good design, we will take on the rest of the work to complete production and delivery on time. We are committed to providing the highest standards of quality control.

Our make-up branding services by business category

Find out more about where the brand is going

Self-branded products

From $500
Ideal for start-up brands and agencies

Test your target market Minimum order Lowest prices Fast ordering Fast production Quality formulations Various packaging options

Small amount of custom development

From $2000
Demand for business growth

More customized packages. Ultra-low starting order quantities Competitive Pricing Fast ordering process Fast production High-quality formulations More customized packaging options

Contract drafting (explanation of terms)

Super VIP offer

The choice for large companies

Customized quotations Extremely competitive prices Higher profit margins Customised make-up formulations Bespoke cosmetic packaging design High order volumes Longer production lead times


R&D Team

Our laboratories are staffed by a team of chemists with over 10 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. Working with chemists, our product development team aims to help our clients explore and experiment with different formulations and textures of make-up products in order for the brand to grow, develop and become a shining icon in the cosmetic sky.
The cosmetics Thincen designs for each of its own brands are carefully crafted to be as innovative and original as possible within the context of each client’s needs.

Thincen is always striving to develop better quality private label cosmetics to increase our customers’ competitiveness in the make-up industry.


Quality and regulation

Thincen has a zero-tolerance policy for quality issues with all private label make-up products. We adopt strict quality control procedures and a meticulous approach to ensure that all cosmetic products we produce meet the standards required by our customers. In addition, we also ensure that all our own-brand cosmetics are produced to the maximum extent possible in accordance with the hygiene and health standards set by international law.

Different countries may have different requirements for the raw materials used in cosmetics and different standards for the labelling of products. Our regulatory authorities are always aware of changes in regulations required by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Union.