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Learn about cosmetic packaging color customization

Cosmetic containers, lipstick tubes, eyelash tubes, loose powders, eyeliners, including cosmetic tube caps or caps, bottles, and even brushes – all of these cosmetic packaging products can be customized in color.

As a brand contractor, you only need to provide your design concept or send samples to the manufacturer for reference. But before that, you need to understand the key role of color in cosmetic brands and how to choose the best designs. This article promises to give you color options for custom cosmetic packaging, professional advice on how to create a unique packaging design, and things to consider when choosing a manufacturer.

Color psychology plays a pivotal role in media advertising and sales. Consumers are influenced by packaging color to attract or repel products they are interested in purchasing. This fact is most vivid when it comes to cosmetic packaging. In many cases, it is precisely because of the exquisite packaging that cosmetics brands have more room for price increases and more brand value.

The role of color in cosmetic packaging

The packaging of any product has two parts, and the same goes for the packaging of cosmetics. ——

The first part is the main container for fillers, such as: lipstick tubes, eyeliner bottles, eyeshadow boxes, compacts, etc.

The second part is the container, which is usually just an outer packaging or box. Secondary packaging itself is not a necessity for cosmetic packaging, but most major brands have it for added safety in primary packaging.

Now back to the color customization section, first of all you need to determine whether your cosmetic only has inner packaging or outer packaging. The brand strategy is used as a whole for product design due to the need to coordinate the colors of the outer and inner packaging.

Most cosmetic packaging manufacturers take color psychology into account when designing their products. Here are some of the most common color choices and what they can symbolize for your brand:

● Black.

Sleek and stylish. Chic. mystery.

Black is always the most eye-catching container on the shelf. Black symbolizes higher cost and appeal, conveying greater perceived value. It also inspires a sense of sophistication and mystery.

The 2000s brought new trends, with more and more eco-friendly cosmetic brands using black glass bottles and tubes with minimal white labels and capitalization. This is a unique style for the vegan, eco-friendly and artisan crowd. Even looking at these products from a distance, one can see that the packaging suggests some sort of sustainable product. But black also means darkness, and they’re hard to spot in dark areas. Sometimes black containers with metal embossing are also hard to see. Now, let’s look at other options.

● Gold

Glamour, luxury.

Since black, metallics have been the most popular choice for luxury lip gloss containers, mascara tubes, and fragrances, over the years, many luxury brands have opted for metallic colors over ABS and plastic materials, such as stainless steel or alloys.

● white

Clean, simple, pure.

White is more suitable for drugstore products and conveys a clear and concise message. White containers are easy to read because many times cosmetic containers are small, while for lipstick tubes, mascara, and eyeliner containers, it mostly features bright, metallic or black colors to enhance the glamour factor. White is more suitable for containers for skin care, shampoos, body creams and lip balms. With the increased use of color in cosmetic containers over the years, white is the preferred background color for colored fonts, logos, icons, and more.

The most popular color scheme for cosmetic containers is the use of contrasting colors to differentiate them from complementary colors. Following this concept creates better visual communication. While black, gold and metallics have been the go-to colors for generations, it’s more serious and luxurious. Today, many new brands are using bold pink, red and orange lipstick containers to appeal to the younger generation.

So it makes sense to choose more meaningful colors based on the product line, makeup look, and target audience. Custom shapes are also a trend, with more fun containers, cartoon characters, animal shapes, and more. It’s time for vibrant creativity to shine, and choices are no longer limited to square or round cosmetic packaging.

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