Why the cosmetics market grew by $51.75 billion, 37% from Asia Pacific

our cosmetic collection

Self-branded cosmetic line Build your color cosmetics brand

Start your private label program so you can get to market faster, realize your dreams, and have smaller quantities produced for you at a lower cost and in less time.

Contract Manufacturing vs. Private Label

The result of these services is the same; a product you can sell. The difference is in the process. Private Label is the plug-and-play option where you select the manufacturer’s existing products and place your company name on them. Contract manufacturing is the DIY option, where you can figure out every component of your product, from formulation to packaging, with the help of one or more companies.
Thincen is a custom contract manufacturer. To the extent that we know what works and what is legal, we make what you ask us to make. (We don’t make products that we know won’t work, and we don’t make products that we know will cause problems for our customers with the FDA.)
We do not disclose the companies we work with because we follow the spirit of our contract and we do not copy their formulas.

Thincen offers over 500 eyeshadow colors in matte, glossy, shimmer and shimmer effects for our global client brands. More options for you to create your own branded products.

Our formulas are highly pigmented and have a soft texture. All are vegan and cruelty-free.

Eco-friendly cardboard is the main type of palette. Ultra-low starting order quantities allow for custom printing of your logo and design on the front, inside and back.

We can develop and produce your own created eyeshadow shades and formulas, and also include fully customizing your own packaging.

Meet your private label eyeshadow palette
Lipstick collection​

Start your own lipstick collection

Thincen offers a range of lipsticks and lipgloss samples.

The products include Metallic Gloss Lipstick, Creamy Lipstick, Moisturizing Lipstick, Long Lasting Matte Lipstick, Bullet Lipstick, and Lip Kits. high-quality

Choose the product container, choose the color and choose the packaging for your makeup brand. No minimum order is required to print your brand logo.

Bulk orders can be filled with our high-quality formulas for your custom tubes.

Custom create your own lash line

Thincen lash suppliers offer a wide range of false eyelashes for our global client brands, including the following categories.

Natural Lashes

Faux Mink Eyelashes

Mink False Eyelashes

Classic Lashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

Colored Lashes

These lashes can be ordered in bulk or included in a deluxe gift box with your mascara design.

Lash adhesive and magnetic eyeliner are also available for private label printing.

Custom create your own lash line
Create your own line of makeup tools

Create your own line of makeup tools

Packaging printed with your logo, no minimum order, available in single sticks and sets.

Vegan brushes made from synthetic bristles, multi-colored natural latex makeup puffs
Choose individual makeup tool sets for your beauty brand

We can custom-develop your brushes in different shapes according to your requirements. Brush bristles, material collar, and handle wood are all available for custom design.

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