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  1. Recommend the appropriate distribution channel for you.
  2. Work together to develop new styles for your market.
  3. Portrait of target customer, find the most suitable customer

In sale

  1. Professional knowledge.
  2. High-definition product pictures and videos.
  3. Appropriate promotion sales for market.


  1. Correct Use Of Cosmetics And Skin Care Products
  2. Design of Picture Promotion
  3. Product Data Sheet

Custom Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer


Start with 1pc Logo printing

Free logo designing for yournew brand

Free photo shooting for yourproducts,work with us Fre

Free product information safetysheet for you

lf you work with us, you willget VIP service

3-7 days fast deliveryarrangement

Support return serivce ifquality problem

Free package designing foryour products

Thincen Cosmetics: Your Premium Custom Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer

Specializing in the color cosmetics domain, Thincen Cosmetics is a premier custom private label cosmetic manufacturer dedicated to producing high-end, luxury private label cosmetics for global beauty brands. Our personalized services ensure that your brand stands out in a competitive market, backed by our exceptional capabilities: sufficient production capacity, efficient manufacturing expertise, stringent quality control, and market-leading competitive pricing among other suppliers.

At Thincen Cosmetics, we truly offer a one-stop, worry-free service that delivers butler-style attention to detail, ensuring customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Partner with us and experience the epitome of luxury, quality, and personalized service in the world of custom private label cosmetics.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and embark on a journey of excellence with Thincen Cosmetics.



We love animals and all recipes in our private label line are vegan and cruelty-free.


People's pursuit of beauty never stops, and those products that can help people become beautiful are naturally highly sought after.


Focus on healthy and environmentally friendly preservative-free and gluten-free personal makeup products, and a desire to make more sustainable choices.

Why are we different from other private label cosmetic companies?

Thincen: Your Beauty Product Range Partner

11 years in cosmetics industry
Served 2,000+ beauty brands globally
Experts in product creation, filling, assembly, and packaging
Grow from start-ups to major brands with our guidance
Step-by-step support until you achieve desired results
Your partner for success in cosmetics industry

Why are we different from other private label cosmetic companies?
Producing high-quality bulk cosmetics of international standards.​

Producing High-Quality Bulk Cosmetics of International Standards

Thincen Cosmetics: Your Quality Partner for Global Beauty Brands

  • Global reach in 120+ countries, including US, UK, and EU
  • Adherence to strict regulatory and quality standards
  • Unwavering commitment to quality from raw materials to final inspection
  • Rigorous quality control process exceeding industry benchmarks
  • Dedicated account and after-sales managers for personalized support
  • Comprehensive “babysitting service” for attention to detail and communication
  • Bulk manufacturing for new product lines or expanding existing ranges
  • Trusted partner for high-quality, internationally compliant cosmetic solutions

Private Label Customization Solutions & One-Stop Cosmetics Manufacturing Supply

Thincen Cosmetics: Empowering Beauty Brands Worldwide

  • One-stop private label cosmetics manufacturing and supply services
  • Collaborative approach to develop innovative formulations and textures
  • Tailored solutions to make your brand stand out
  • Custom packaging solutions for a unique brand identity
  • Comprehensive range of products and services for startups to established companies
  • Private label, contract manufacturing, OEM white label options available
  • Full range of cosmetic products including lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, and more
  • Expertise in the entire cosmetics manufacturing process for consistent quality

Partner with Thincen Cosmetics to create an internationally recognized brand that resonates with your vision and captivates your audience.

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