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Custom private label cosmetic manufacturer

We focus on the production and marketing of high-end, high-end private label cosmetics in the color cosmetics field, providing personalized services to global beauty brands, ensuring sufficient production capacity, efficient manufacturing capacity, high-quality control, and market-leading capabilities among other suppliers Low competitive price.

The company has a professional, efficient and pragmatic product development and planning elite team, providing customized product processing services for multiple brands, including product planning, formula research and development, packaging design, packaging material procurement, finished product production, product inspection, agent logistics process and provide a full set of document. Truly provide customers with butler-style services and truly achieve a one-stop worry-free service that makes customers satisfied.


Focus on healthy and environmentally friendly preservative-free and gluten-free personal makeup products, and a desire to make more sustainable choices.


We love animals and all recipes in our private label line are vegan and cruelty-free.


People's pursuit of beauty never stops, and those products that can help people become beautiful are naturally highly sought after.

Why are we different from other private label cosmetic companies?

A wealth of knowledge to solve all the problems you may encounter when creating your own beauty product range!
As a professional cosmetics supplier that has been deeply involved in the cosmetics industry for 11 years, serving 2,000 beauty brands worldwide, Thincen’s sales and after-sales teams work closely with the company’s customers, enabling many of them to grow from small start-ups to major international brands.

If you want to outsource the entire process of creating and making new cosmetic products, as well as filling, assembling, and packaging them, our experts will teach you step by step until you get the results you want.to We would like to be your partner and share our expertise with you.

Why are we different from other private label cosmetic companies?
Producing high-quality bulk cosmetics of international standards.​

Producing high-quality bulk cosmetics of international standards.

Thincen exports its cosmetic collections to over 120 countries, including the US, UK, and EU, and is keenly aware of the importance of quality for color cosmetics brands. Regulatory and quality assurance requirements are strictly adhered to throughout the production process in order to meet your product requirements.

We have a strict quality control process from raw material procurement to production to pre-delivery inspection. Account managers and after-sales managers with years of experience are assigned to your beauty brand to serve you throughout the customization, processing, and production process. We provide a babysitting service throughout the process.

Private Label Customization Solutions

Thincen Cosmetics is delighted to work with our partners to develop new and exclusive formulations and textures and to continuously bring you innovative formulations and textures, remembering that your brand is unique and must meet the highest standards. Empowering beauty brands to grow, innovate and be unique. We want to build an important international brand with you.

We can also help you find the best packaging for your products and make your cosmetic collection even more unique with custom packaging solutions from our selected suppliers.

No matter what stage your brand is in, you can find products and services from us. You can confidently choose who to partner with: private label, contract manufacturing, OEM white label cosmetic manufacturing or whatever relationship you are looking for.

As a one-stop private label supplier, we can provide you with a full range of cosmetics, including lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, foundation, blush, eyebrow products and more.

Private Label Customization Solutions​
For you to solve more private brand problems, You are welcome to contact us.
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