What should be paid attention to in the process of cosmetics processing?


In the current era of online entrepreneurship, especially with the rise of social e-commerce and self-media e-commerce, more and more people want to build their own brands and produce their own products.

Therefore, OEM cosmetics production is now a relatively common OEM service. For those who have been engaged in the cosmetics industry for many years, they are already familiar with the OEM process of cosmetics processing and have figured out the process. Friends who want to switch to cosmetics, what should they pay attention to when looking for a manufacturer to do cosmetics processing?

1. Know Your Market Position

You must know that there is a big difference between the professional line of cosmetics and the daily chemical line. There are also essential differences in product structure. Therefore, different positioning will lead to great differences in the selection of packaging materials.

2. Determine Product Samples

After understanding your needs and positioning, express your intention to the cosmetics factory, and then make samples according to your needs. Manufacturers can make samples for you. On-demand proofing, re-development of new products, proofing is not simply filling products on the assembly line, proofing is research and development of new products.

3. Contract Deposit

After the sample is confirmed, a processing contract needs to be signed. The processing plant will issue a contract document, and then both parties can sign if they think there is no problem. After signing the contract, the customer needs to pay a certain deposit to the processing plant for processing.

4. Cost of Packaging Materials

The cosmetics processing factory does not earn the cost of packaging materials, but only assists customers in selecting packaging materials; after confirming the packaging materials, it needs to pay all packaging material costs to the packaging material supplier.

5. Value-Added Services

A strong cosmetics processing factory can provide customers with value-added services. For example, Thincencosmetic can provide customers with planning, design, and marketing selling point services according to product characteristics; provide customers with one-stop cosmetics processing OEM/ODM services, and incubate successful brands for customers.

process of cosmetics processing

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