12 Color Greasepaint

Item number: YG12
Products name: 12 Color Greasepaint
Product Specifications:
Item Type: 12 Color Oil Painting
Shell material: plastic
Size: 15.8×5.3cm/6.2×2.08in
Color: 12 colors
Quantity: 1 box

Product Description:
Our Grease Paints come in a 12-color package, giving professional makeup artists the colors they need for any artistic makeup or special effect coloring. These thick and creamy shades cover the skin perfectly. Depending on the amount applied, the colors can be easily mixed for various effects. They can also be used as party and holiday makeup for kids.
We are proud to offer our clients premium face paint kits in bright, bold colors that provide excellent coverage in a single coat.
Best for creating crazy looks! Such as fun theme parties, masquerades, Halloween, carnival, and carnival.
Great for kids’ birthday parties and special events! Like Christmas decorations, cartoon characters, and even crazy abstract designs.
You can easily mix colors to make any color you can imagine!
Oil-based paint is an oil-based finish, not water-based.
12-color oil painting only does not include other presentation accessories in the picture!

Apply makeup easily:
1. Wipe your face with a wet wipe or paper towel.
2. Choose a clean, suitable brush.
3. Stir the paint with a brush or sponge (don’t use water or alcohol), you can use a single color or mix different colors to achieve the color you want.
4. Use a large brush or sponge to give you excellent coverage and a bright finish; use a fine brush for fine lines and details, or use your fingers directly.
5. Wait a few seconds for the first color to dry before applying the next color.
6. If you are not confident in freehand painting or are pressed for time, use a stencil.

Easy removal:
1. Use waterproof makeup remover/olive oil on the face/brush. (Since it’s oily and not watery.)
2. Wait 5-10 seconds.
3. Wipe clean with a paper towel/cotton pad/sponge first.
4. Wash off with a facial cleanser.
5. Rinse with water.
6. If not clean enough, repeat.


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