12 holes empty eyeshadow palette

Item number: M12
Product name : DIY Matte 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Pan size: Dia-26mm
Palette Size: 115*150MM
Palette colors: 7 colors

Customizable Eyeshadow Palette Design

The DIY 12 holes empty eyeshadow palette offers ample space with 12 pan-size slots (Dia-26mm) to accommodate your desired eyeshadow shades. The palette itself measures 115*150MM, providing a compact and travel-friendly solution for makeup on the go. Its sleek and convenient design is complemented by a mirror and a color-matching eco paper sleeve, adding a touch of elegance to your beauty routine.

Endless Creativity with 7 Matte Colors

This empty eyeshadow palette comes with 7 matte colors to kickstart your makeup creativity. The matte finish adds depth and dimension to your eye makeup, allowing you to create both natural and bold looks effortlessly.

Key Features:

Product NameDIY Matte 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
FeatureVegan,Cruelty free,Safe etc.
Pan sizeDia-26mm
Palette Size115*150MM
Palette colors7 colors
PackingProduct packaging can be re-customized (color, shape, content)
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Tailor Your Eyeshadow Palette to Perfection

At ThinCen Cosmetics, we understand the importance of individuality in the beauty industry. That’s why we offer customization options for the 12 holes empty eyeshadow palette. Whether you’re a makeup manufacturer, a private label enthusiast, or a beauty brand owner, we can collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

With our private label customize service, including UV color printing and hot stamping, you can create a eyeshadow palette that reflects your brand identity . Our expertise in the cosmetics realm, adherence to safety and cruelty-free ingredients, and certifications such as GMPc and ISO 22716 ensure that you receive high-quality products.

If you’re looking for a reliable private label makeup palette manufacturer, ThinCen Cosmetics is the trusted partner you can count on. We offer vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics, professional services with dedicated account managers, fast production times, and worldwide shipping options to cater to your specific needs.

Note: For further information and pricing details, please visit our website here.


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