15 Hole Custom Cardboard Palette

Item number: V15
Product name : 15 Hole Custom Cardboard Palette Private Label Customization
Pan size: Dia-26mm
Palette Size: 117*185MM
Palette colors: 3 colors

Product Name15 Hole Custom Cardboard Palette
FeatureVegan,Cruelty free,Safe etc.
Pan sizeDia-26mm
Palette Size117*185MM
Palette colors3 colors
PackingProduct packaging can be re-customized (color, shape, content)
Hot Products:Lipgloss,Lipstick,Eyebrow pencil,Eyeshadow Palette,Blusher ,Concealer,Pressed Powder,Makeup Sponge,eyeshadow packaging,Cosmetic Brush,eyelashes etc.

Key Features:

  • 15-color Palette: The palette features 15 carefully selected holes to accommodate a wide range of eyeshadow colors. With this palette, you can create endless eye-catching looks for any occasion.
  • Customization Options: We offer private label customization, allowing you to personalize the palette with your own brand or design. Whether you’re a makeup artist or a beauty entrepreneur, this customization option enables you to showcase your unique style and establish a distinctive brand identity.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The palette comes with color-matched eco-friendly paper sleeves for each eyeshadow pan. We prioritize sustainability and have designed the packaging to be environmentally conscious without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Pan Size and Palette Dimensions: The pan size is Dia-26mm, ensuring a generous amount of product in each eyeshadow slot. The overall palette size is 117*185MM, making it compact and travel-friendly.

Versatile Packaging Instructions:

Our 15 Hole Custom Cardboard Palette comes with a range of packaging options to suit your preferences. The palette is available in three stunning colors: white, dark green, and pink. Additionally, we offer customization services, allowing you to design your own palette based on your unique vision and brand requirements.

Private Label Printing Customize:

To further enhance the personalized touch of your eyeshadow palette, we offer private label customize options. You can choose between UV color printing and hot stamping techniques to showcase your logo or brand name prominently on the packaging.

To explore our eyeshadow palette customization options, please visit our website here.

Experience the convenience, quality, and customization options of our 15 Hole Custom Cardboard Palette today!

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