3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil

Item number: VV-45
Products name: 3 in 1 eyebrow pencil private label automatic eyebrow pencil
Colors: 4 colors
Function: Tinted gel + Pencil + powder
Net weight: pen 0.3g/powder 0.8g/gel 1.0g
Features: “High pigmented, Waterproof,”

Feature of product
Brand new professional eyebrow makeup tool.
Multiple strokes, complete brow makeup. and 2 colors are available as each color is unique.
Even without eyebrow tattoos, you can still manage your personal and professional life well. ​
Have disordered eyebrows? After using brow tweezers, use brow pencil, brow brush, and brow powder to stand out – give your brow look a whole new look.
Long lasting, waterproof, natural, and automatic. Indispensable brow liner, brow definition, and corrector make friends. the benefits of life.

How to create the perfect eyeshadow?
First, gently outline the brows to create the brow shape you want
Second, stroke the flag along your brow line
Third, fill the pot without the pencil cover and move above to achieve a natural look
Finally, use the brush to fine-tune everything to make the whole look more natural