5 Color Eyebrow palette

Item number: FB05-2
Products name: 5 Color Eyebrow palette
Colors: Dark colors, with brush
Texture: 1 color brow wax + 4 color brow powder
Features:High pigmented,


We are a manufacturer and supplier of private label Eyebrow Makeup. We can accept OEM. Our factory has strong strength and has more than ten years of production experience. We offer customizable formulas tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re seeking innovative formulas or distinctive packaging designs, we strive to create the ideal solution that caters to your brand’s vision., please contact us in time.

Introducing the Exquisite 5 Color Eyebrow Palette

(Item number: FB05-2) An exceptional solution for achieving resplendent eyebrows. This versatile palette showcases an array of dusky hues and is accompanied by a specialized brush for effortless application. The texture comprises 1 shade of brow wax and 4 distinct shades of brow powder, all imbued with high pigmentation for enduring allure.

With this palette, you can elevate your innate brow shape and fullness, crafting a visage that complements your distinctive facial features. The diverse spectrum of colors empowers you to tailor your brow hue, ensuring a seamless and organic harmonization with your tresses. The accompanying brush is ingeniously crafted for precision and effortless handling, enabling you to actualize the brows of your reveries.

Our 5 Color Eyebrow Palette awaits you in the hallowed confines of our Eyebrow Makeup category. Pay a visit to our venerable domain, Thincen Cosmetics, to delve further into its grandeur and procure your very own palette today. Elevate your beauty ritual with this indispensable, quintessential eyebrow arsenal!

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