8 Color Liquid Eyeliner

Item number: PM-13
Products name:8 Color Liquid Eyeliner Private Label Supplier
Colors: 8 colors
Net weight: 2.5g
Size: L-9.2CM DIA-1.5CM
Texture: Liquid
Features: “*colorful *neon color* high pigmented”

Matte liquid eyeliner is set in 8 different popular colors including blue, white, red, pink, and more. Stunning trendy colors create a more flattering look.
Using a special formula, it dries quickly and lasts for a long time. Highly pigmented, waterproof, and stain resistant. Safe material, won’t hurt your skin, and keep perfect eye makeup for a long time. ​
Easy to apply and color, with a highly authoritative felt tip, you can draw directly on the eyeliner base. Makeup remover removes eyeliner easily and cleans quickly without worrying about hyperpigmentation.