9 color pressed powder palette

Item number: 9C
Products name : 9 color pressed powder palette
Colors: 9 colors
Net weight: 31.5g
Size: 145*154mm
Texture: smooth and soft
Features: “color light to dark, suit for all skin type, easy to apply and shading”


Product Description:
100% brand new and high quality!
Easy to apply, natural and even color, close fit with the skin, not easy to take off makeup, makeup effect three-dimensional and lasting.
1. High-quality mineral foundation powder, safe and reliable, natural care of the skin.
2. micro-powder technology, fine and smooth powder, bright colors, strong coloring power, perfect combination with skin tone.
3. contains shimmering molecules, three-dimensional, Luminox can reflect the light, reflecting the excellent color and texture.
4. Natural transition, layered, color-by-layer superimposed halo, eyes three-dimensional moving; 5. Vitamin C, antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening, and nourishing skin