Best Liquid Blush Cushion

Product Name: Liquid Blush Cushion

Model Number: H6A

Size Type: Regular size

Net Weight: 55g

Color Options: Nude, Purple, Pink, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Rose Red (8 colors available)

Certification: MSDS

Skin Tone: Suitable for Dark, Deep, Medium Dark, Fair, Medium, Light skin tones

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Use: Face

Features: Waterproof, Easy to apply, Natural-looking

Ingredient: Mineral-based

Brand Name: OEM/ODM/Private Label

Form: Liquid

Type: Blusher

Finish: Natural, Matte, Glitter, Shimmer
Size: Diameter 4.7cm, Height 5.2cm
Logo: OEM/ODM, Private Label, Custom Logo
Packaging: Paper Box/Customized
Function: Face Makeup
Advantages: Vegan, Cruelty-Free
Shelf Life: 3 years
Minimum Order Quantity for Private Logo: 5 pieces


Comprehensive details about the best liquid blush Cushion product:

Product Name: Liquid Blush Cushion
Product Overview

The Liquid Blush Cushion is a versatile, natural-looking blush product suitable for various skin tones. Firstly, it boasts a mineral-based, vegan, and cruelty-free formula, catering to conscious consumers. Secondly, the waterproof and easy-to-apply liquid formula promises long-lasting, seamless application.

Color Options

Available in 8 different shades, ranging from nudes to pinks, purples, and warmer tones, this blush cushion provides options to suit diverse preferences and skin tones. Furthermore, the compact size and cushion format make it convenient for on-the-go applications.

Branding and Customization

Our company offers a range of branding and customization options, including OEM/ODM services, private labeling, and custom logo printing (with a minimum order quantity of 5 pieces). Moreover, customers can opt for customized packaging, tailoring the product to their brand identity.

Value-Added Services

In addition to the product itself, we provide value-added services such as free logo design, product photoshoots, and information sheets. These services ensure that businesses have the necessary resources to promote and market the product effectively.

Quality Assurance

With a commitment to quality, our products are professionally certified, and their quality has been rigorously evaluated multiple times. Authentic evaluations are available upon request. Additionally, the Liquid Blush Cushion has a 3-year shelf life, ensuring long-lasting freshness.

Overall, this Liquid Blush Cushion presents a reliable and high-quality option for businesses seeking to offer their customers a versatile, natural-looking, and long-wearing blush product.

Services Offered:

  1. Support for 1 printed logo
  2. Free logo design for branding
  3. Free product photoshoot
  4. Free product information sheet
  5. 3-7 days delivery arrangement
  6. VIP service
  7. Support returns for quality issues

Certification and Quality:

  • Products are professionally certified
  • Quality has been evaluated multiple times (authentic evaluations available upon request)

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