Body & Face Painting Sticks-2261

Product Details:
Net Weight: 30g
Type: Face/Body Paint
Model Number: 2261
Item Name: Face & Body Painting Stick
Used for: Face/Body
Colors Available: 18 different shades
Size: 3.2 x 8.9 cm
Net Weight: 0.05 kg
Features: Matte, creamy, vegan, and cruelty-free

As a professional private-label cosmetic manufacturer, Thincen Cosmetics offers high-quality, cruelty-free makeup products tailored to global cosmetic brands’ needs. With 11 years of experience in the industry, we specialize in custom formulations, packaging solutions, and turnkey services for creating your makeup line.

Our vibrant face and body painting sticks highlight our expertise in developing innovative and long-lasting cosmetic products. These creamy, matte sticks feature:

Face Body Paint Product Details:

  • Tubular design for easy application and portability
  • Thicker tube for better control and precise application
  • Swivel mechanism to prevent mess during use
  • Bright and saturated colors with high pigmentation
  • Stackable design to create depth and image hierarchy
  • Oil-based formula to prevent drying out and smudging
  • Easy to clean, leaving no unwanted marks or stains

Body Paint on Face Key Advantages:

  • Long-lasting wear, recommended to use with setting powder
  • Versatile for face painting, body art, theater, festivals, and more
  • Vegan and cruelty-free formulation
  • Low minimum order quantities (MOQs) for printing your logo
  • Fast delivery times, even for mass production orders
  • Free mockups and design assistance
  • Customizable packaging and color options
  • Strict quality control processes
  • Competitive pricing for wholesale and bulk orders

As a trusted OEM/ODM partner, we offer comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, a dedicated product development team, and a commitment to ethical practices. Thincen Cosmetics is the ideal partner for bringing your makeup brand vision to life. Contact us today to explore our private-label cosmetic manufacturing solutions.


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