3D Natural Brow Gel Setting Soap

Item number: PM-14 (with brush)
Products name: Private Label Long Lasting 3D Natural Brow Gel Setting Soap

Colors: 4 colors ( #01 is transparent)
Function: #01: styling; #02-04: styling & colors
Net weight: 10g
Texture: soap (need spray water first)
Features: “Waterproof, Styling for 24 hours,”

Natural, Full, Thick Brow Soap Gel is a clear setting product that, when brushed over natural brows, adds thickness, volume, and texture to create super hot wild natural feathers.

Gives you big, beautiful eyebrows and lashes naturally. Great for brow shaping, taming irregular brows, and enhancing brow color. ​ The perfect brow tint cream option to give your face a fuller look.