Private Label Brow Stamp Stencil Kit

Item number: PM-15
Products name: Private Label Brow Stamp Stencil Kit
Colors: 3 colors
Net weight: 1g
Size: DIA-25MM L-85MM
Texture: powder
Features: High pigmented

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Introducing the Private Label Brow Stamp Stencil Kit, the perfect solution for achieving symmetrical and beautiful eyebrows quickly and easily. This innovative kit includes an air cushion stamp, five templates, and a brow brush.

  • Get Perfect Brows in No Time: Choose from five popular shape templates to achieve symmetrical eyebrows within seconds.
  • Natural Look: Our kit features three long-wear brow powders, ranging from soft brown to dark brown, for a natural look.
  • Cruelty-Free: Our vegan formula air cushion stamp has never been tested on animals.

Private Label Brow Stamp Stencil Kit

Create Versatile Brow Looks

Unleash your creativity with our Air Cushion Stamp Brow Kit. Create endless brow looks with the five templates and our selection of three brow powder colors.

  • Experiment with Different Shapes: Our kit offers five distinct templates for various brow shapes.
  • Customize Your Color: Choose from our range of three high-pigmented brow powders to achieve the perfect hue.
  • Be Your Own Artist: The user-friendly design ensures easy application, empowering you to express your creativity.

On-The-Go Beauty Essentials

Our Private Label Brow Stamp Stencil Kit is the ultimate on-the-go beauty essential. Compact, convenient, and effective, this kit is perfect for anyone looking to effortlessly elevate their beauty routine.

  • Take it Anywhere: The sleek and compact design makes it the perfect travel companion.
  • Stay Flawless All Day: Our long-wear brow powders are formulated to last all day.
  • Easy Maintenance: With our brow stamp and templates, maintaining your brows is a breeze.
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