Brow Styling Wax Private Label - Makeup Artist Recommended.

brow styling wax

Item number: PM-12
Products name: Private Label Eyebrow Wax
Colors: Transparent
Cap options: Rose gold / gold
Net weight: 7g
Texture: wax (direct used)
Features: “Waterproof, Lasting for 24hours
Strong styling/ brow hair setting
Please close cap tightly after each use.”

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Private Label brow styling wax – makeup artist recommended.

Overview: Achieve stunning, flawless brows with our PM-12 Eye brow styling Wax. Available for private labeling and customization.

Product Number: PM-12
Colors: Transparent
Cap Options: Rose gold / gold
Net Weight: 7g
Texture: Wax (direct used)

Benefits: Fluffy and feathery brows. Long-lasting results. Waterproof, lasting for 24 hours. Strong styling and brow hair setting. Easy to use.

How to Use: Close cap tightly after use. Shape and define brows with brush or applicator. Apply wax in gentle strokes, following natural arch and direction of brow hairs. Allow wax to set for a few seconds.

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Customization Services: Contact us for information on private labeling and OEM/ODM customization services.

Invest in your brow game with our Private Label Eyebrow Wax. Reference:

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