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Butterfly Shape Eyeshadow Palette

Item number: B9
Product name: DIY Butterfly Shape 153 Shades Private Label Eyeshadow Palette
Pan size: Dia-26mm
Palette Size: 205*135MM
Palette colors: Butterfly design

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Product NameButterfly Shape Eyeshadow Palette
FeatureVegan,Cruelty free,Safe etc.
PackingProduct packaging can be re-customized (color, shape, content)
Note: We can produce as per your quality and material requirements.
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Key Features:

  • private label palette Eyeshadow Palette to suit your design preferences.
  • 153 shades to explore and experiment with.
  • Pan size: Dia-26mm, providing generous amounts of each shade.
  • Palette Size: 205*135MM, compact yet spacious for easy storage and travel.
  • Customize Eyeshadow Palette options available to suit your design preferences.
  • Eco-friendly paper sleeve, mirror finish, and color matching packaging for a luxurious touch.
  • UV color printing and hot stamping options for private label customization.

Unleash your creativity with the DIY Butterfly Shape 153 Shades Private Label Eyeshadow Palette.

Whether you’re a makeup enthusiast, professional artist, or beauty entrepreneur, this palette offers endless opportunities to showcase your artistry. The butterfly shape design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance, making it a stunning addition to your makeup collection or an eye-catching product for your customers.

Featuring an impressive range of 153 shades, this palette ensures that you’ll never run out of options. The pan size of Dia-26mm provides ample product, allowing you to create countless eye looks without worrying about running out of your favorite shades.

The palette’s size of 205*135MM strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. It’s compact enough to fit comfortably in your makeup bag or travel case, yet spacious enough to accommodate the wide range of shades. The packaging is crafted with eco-friendly paper sleeves, boasting a mirror finish and color matching to add a touch of luxury to your makeup routine.

Additionally, the DIY Butterfly Shape 153 Shades Private Label Eyeshadow Palette offers customization options to suit your unique preferences. If you desire a Eyeshadow Palette design, provides custom palette options according to your specifications, ensuring your eyeshadow palette stands out from the crowd. They offer UV color printing and hot stamping for private label customization, allowing you to create a branded product that reflects your style and vision.

Embrace your creativity, express your individuality, and elevate your makeup looks with the DIY Butterfly Shape 153 Shades Private Label Eyeshadow Palette. Experience the joy of blending, shading, and creating mesmerizing eye makeup looks with this unique and versatile palette.

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