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colorful makeup sponge

Model: D-1
Washable: Yes
Material: Sponge
Item Name: Powder Puff
Color: various colors
Occasion: Daily, party, wedding, runway
Trademark: Customer Logo
Package: box

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Thincen – Private Label colorful makeup sponge – OEM

11Year – GMPC – ISO 22716

“You are warmly welcome to join us as our partner and distributor”

Over 11 years experiences,
Manufacturer & supplier
Strictly complies with GMPC and ISO22716 certification standards.

We are a manufacturer & supplier colorful makeup sponge
With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, Thincen Cosmetics is a trusted partner for businesses seeking outstanding OEM/ODM cosmetics services.

Here’s why our Colorful Makeup Sponge will revolutionize your makeup routine:

  1. Flawless Finish: Our makeup sponge effortlessly blends your foundation, concealer, and other base products for a seamless and airbrushed finish.
  2. Precision Application: The unique shape of our makeup sponge allows for precise application in hard-to-reach areas like the under-eye area, corners of the nose, and around the lips.
  3. Buildable Coverage: With our D-1Colorful Makeup Sponge, you have full control over your coverage.
  4. Hygienic and Long-lasting: Our makeup sponge is made from premium materials that are not only soft and gentle on your skin but also resistant to bacteria and mold. The sponge is easily cleaned with mild soap and water, ensuring it remains hygienic for extended use. Invest in a beauty tool that will last, saving you money in the long run.
  5. Time-saving Beauty Essential: With the Colorful Makeup Sponge, achieving a flawless complexion is quicker than ever. Its super-soft texture allows for effortless blending, reducing the time it takes to apply your makeup. Say goodbye to tedious blending with brushes and hello to a speedy and efficient makeup routine.


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