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6 color eyeshadow palette

Item number: M6
Product name: 36mm High Pigment Long Lasting Vegan Private Label Eyeshadow Palette
Pan size: Dia-36mm
Palette Size: 144*105MM
Palette colors: 6 colors

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Key Features:

Product Name36mm High Pigment Long Lasting Vegan Private Label Eyeshadow Palette
FeatureVegan,Cruelty free,Safe etc.
Pan sizeDia-36mm
Palette Size144*105MM
Palette colors6 colors
PackingProduct packaging can be re-customized (color, shape, content)
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With our M6 DIY 6-Color Eyeshadow Palette, you have the freedom to express your unique style. By following a few simple steps, you can create a personalized makeup palette that reflects your taste and vision.

  1. Choose Packaging: Select the size, colors, and materials for your makeup palette from our diverse range of options. Whether you prefer a sleek and compact design or a more luxurious aesthetic, we have packaging choices to suit every preference.
  2. Select Colors: Pick your favorite shades from our extensive color range. Our collection offers an array of stunning matte and shimmer options, with a total of 41 matte and 73 shimmer colors to choose from. This ensures that you’ll find the perfect hues to bring your eyeshadow palette to life.
  3. Submit Design (Optional): If you wish to add a personal touch, you can send us your design to be printed on the palettes. Our printing options include luxury hot stamp printing and colorful UV printing. Hot stamp printing offers a metallic outlook with over 9 color choices, while UV printing allows for high-definition printing of texts, images, or photos.

We offer you the opportunity to unleash your creativity by designing your own eyeshadow palette. Our private label printing options, UV color printing, and hot stamping ensure that your palette is customized to perfection. With a focus on delivering high-quality products, we strive to make your makeup experience exceptional.

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