Empty Magnetic Palette

Raw materials: minerals
Form: Powder
Eyeshadow Type: Dry
Finishes: Shimmer, Matte, Natural, Shimmer
Single color/multi-color: Above eight colors
Type: Eyeshadow, z Palette
Features: waterproof, durable, magnetic
Model: Z-2
Project Name: Empty Magnetic Palette
Used for: filling eye shadow, makeup
Package: plastic bag
Size: 10X10X1.5CM
Package weight: 77 grams
OEM: your own brand
Advantage: low MOQ

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We are a manufacturer & supplier of Empty Magnetic Palette
With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, Thincen Cosmetics is the trusted partner for businesses seeking outstanding OEM/ODM cosmetics services.l

Key Features:

  • Magnetic and Durable: The Z-2 Empty Magnetic Palette is equipped with a strong magnet system that ensures your eyeshadows stay securely in place. It provides excellent adhesion, preventing any accidental spills or messes.
  • Customizable and Space-saving:It can accommodate more than eight colors, allowing you to mix and match your favorite eyeshadows. This feature gives you the flexibility to switch up your looks and experiment with different color combinations.
  • Waterproof and Long-lasting: Its waterproof feature ensures that your eyeshadows remain intact even in humid environments.
  • OEM and Low MOQ: The Z-2 Empty Magnetic Palette offers the advantage of low minimum order quantity (MOQ), making it suitable for individuals and businesses alike. You have the opportunity to customize the palette with your own brand, adding a personal touch to your makeup collection.

Your Experience, Our Cosmetic Collection
Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our range of services tailored just for you. Enjoy the benefits of a free prototype and design. A low minimum order quantity (MOQ), ensuring that our products are accessible to all. Additionally, we prioritize fast delivery.


  1. High value and easy to reconcile. ;
  2. We can customize your own brand logo on products and boxes;
  3. Low MOQ custom new;
  4. We can print single color or color logo for you with low MOQ;
  5. Fast delivery, 3~5 working days after payment
  6. formula: vegetarian-cruelty-free-No preservatives
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