Eyeshadow brush (1 pack)

Item number: V-B-5
Products name : Private label single eyeshadow brush
Colors: black
Size: L-19.1CM
Hair : Synthetic hair

OEM Makeup Eyeshadow Brush Tool Private Label Manufacturer
The flat dizzy brush can be used to blend makeup seamlessly. Apply smooth lines drawn with eyeliner for smooth transitions. ​​​
Use good quality hair on the head, this works great for evenly applying makeup. ​These fibers are gentle on the skin and provide an irritation-free experience even on sensitive skin. ​​​
Our range of makeup brushes is available in a variety of brushes including Angled Blush, Eyeliner, Liquid Foundation, Large Round Powder, Lip, Crease, Powder Fan, Tint, Highlighter, Airbrush, Full Coverage Grooming, Big Shadow, Shadow Creamy Texture, Full Coverage Foundation, Angled Eyeliner, Brows, Medium Shade. , small shadows.


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