Full Coverage Liquid Matte Foundation

Item number: F3A
Products name: Waterproof Makeup Full Coverage Liquid Matte Foundation
Colors: 41 colors (matte)
Net weight: 30ml
SPF: SPF 15+
Bottle: White/Plastic
Features: “Waterproof, Full coverage, lasting 24 hours,”

Full Coverage Liquid Matte Foundation-Flawless Coverage that Lasts

Achieving impeccable coverage that lasts throughout the day has never been easier. Our Full Coverage Liquid Matte Foundation stands as a testament to modern beauty innovation.

Defying Time with 24-Hour Stay

Whether you’re conquering a workday, a night out, or even an impromptu adventure, our foundation boasts a remarkable 24-hour staying power.

Whitening, Moisturizing, and Beyond

Our  Liquid Matte Foundation isn’t just makeup; Enriched with potent whitening and moisturizing repair ingredients, it not only covers but also nurtures your skin. Experience a complexion that’s not only beautifully covered but also nourished and rejuvenated.

Protection Under the Sun

With SPF 15+, our foundation doubles as a protective shield against UV damage.
With an astounding array of 41 matte shades, you’re not just choosing a foundation;

Coverage Liquid Matte Foundation | Waterproof Makeup

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