High Quality Pressed Eyeshadow Palette

basic details
use: eyes
Composition: Mineral
Form: Powder
Eyeshadow Type: Dry
Finishes: Shimmer, Glitter, Matte
Type: Eyeshadow
Model: P18#1, P18#2
Color: various colors
Size: 17.3X10.3CM
Weight: 0.24KG


1. Highly pigmented powder. Spread evenly and mix well. Create custom tonal palettes.
2. Different color matching, gorgeous and shining colors, make your eyes more beautiful.
3. A favorite of professionals, wedding makeup, natural photos, smoky eyes, and more.
4. This palette is easy to take away.
5. All eyeshadows can also be applied wet for a more profound, longer-lasting effect.


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