Highlighter Pigment-manufacturer & supplier-OEM/ODM

Highlighter Pigment

Item number: VV-H13
Products name: High Pigment Long Lasting Highlighter Face Highlighter
Colors :6 colors
Net weight: 10g
Size: DIA-5.6CM H-2.8CM
Texture: Loose pigment, soft
Features: “pigmented, very shiny, easy to apply”

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Thincen – Private Label Cosmetics – OEM

11YearGMPCISO 22716

Warmly welcome to join us as our partner and distributor.

  • Over 11 years experiences,
  • Manufacturer & supplier
  • Strictly complies with GMPC and ISO22716 certification standards.

We are a manufacturer & supplier Highlighter Pigment
With our extensive expertise and commitment to quality, Thincen Cosmetics is the trusted partner for businesses seeking outstanding OEM/ODM cosmetics services.

Key Features:

  • Pigmented and Vibrant: Our highlighter boasts intense pigmentation that ensures a dazzling glow with every application.
  • Effortlessly Shiny: The formula’s ultra-fine texture delivers a shiny finish that catches.
  • Easy Application: With a soft and loose pigment texture, this highlighter is incredibly easy to apply.
  • Long Lasting: The high-quality formula ensures that your radiant look stays intact throughout the day or night.
  • Dewy Tones and Versatile Use:This High Pigment Long Lasting Highlighter is not only about its luminosity but also its versatility.
  • For Everyone:No matter your skill level, this highlighter is perfect for everyone.
  • Ethical Beauty:Our High Pigment Long Lasting Highlighter is vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.this product is not tested on animals.

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Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our range of services tailored just for you. Enjoy the benefits of a free prototype and design.a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), ensuring that our products are accessible to all. Additionally, we prioritize fast delivery.


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