4-color holographic shimmer lip gloss

Item number:L1#23
Products name: 4-color private label holographic shimmer lip gloss
Colors: 4 colors
Net weight: 7ml
Flavor / Smell: Peach flavor
Texture: Glossy
Features :”Holographic colors,Moisture lips,Overlay with other lipstick,”


Product Description
Diamond Shine metallic lipsticks with high-performance pigments and high pigments give you a radiant glow that will keep you radiant and hydrated throughout the day. Can also be used as an eye makeup kit.
Healthy natural lip gloss – contains vitamin E, no chemical ingredients, healthy and non-toxic, long-lasting charming
Removes easily, quickly, and cleanly without worrying about hyperpigmentation. Long-lasting, waterproof, non-stick mugs.