Private Label Lip oil

Item number: L1#2
Products name:10 Private Label Hydrating Vegan Lip oil
Colors: 10 colors
Net weight: 6ml
Flavor / Smell: each color with different flavor
Texture: oil
Features: Moisture, lips recovery

Seeing this transparent hydrating doe-eyed lip gloss, I was instantly taken aback by the beauty
The transparent gel is moisturizing and nourishing with a pearl-like shine inside
It can be paired with all matte lipstick, matte lip glaze, etc.
Will look great with any layer! Instantly creates a soft, beautified lip

100% brand new quality
Enhances the moistness of lips.
Moisturizing and shiny.
Gives you sexy lips
Keeps your lips locked in more moisture
Adjusts lip cell activity for more vibrant lips
Reduces lip lines for finer lips


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