Highly Pigmented Liquid Blusher (5 colors )

Item number: VV-58
Products name: Liquid Blusher
Colors: 5 colors
Net weight: 10ml
Size: 2.8X2.8X8.5CM
Texture: Liquid
Features: “pigmented, easy shading, can be used at Lips”

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Highly Pigmented Liquid Blusher (5 colors)

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high color payoff: When applied, the color is rich and full, and the vivid color can be displayed in one touch.
  • Easy to Smudge: Lightweight and easy to spread, make makeup more even and natural.
  • For lips: In addition to blush, it can also be used on lips to add color to lips.
    Water-resistant formula keeps makeup long-lasting.

Cosmetics Private Label Highly Pigmented Liquid Blusher

If you’re looking for an easy-to-apply, long-wearing liquid blush, this is the product you shouldn’t miss. Welcome to visit for more sample information and learn about our custom process.

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