5 colors Highly Pigmented Liquid Blusher

Item number: VV-58
Products name: Liquid Blusher
Colors: 5 colors
Net weight: 10ml
Size: 2.8X2.8X8.5CM
Texture: Liquid
Features: “pigmented, easy shading, can be used at Lips”

Highly Pigmented Cosmetics Private Label Liquid Blush

Each liquid blush makeup color is very practical. When applied, it diminishes skin tone and accentuates natural beauty. This ultra-blended and spreadable light and creamy liquid blush works on the cheeks to give your cheeks a perfect match to your skin tone.
Thin blush, smooth and easy to spread, even with makeup, natural and long-lasting, improves the color of the face, three-dimensional glow, contours the face, and creates a natural and attractive look. The formula is long-lasting, waterproof and smooth. This liquid blush glides on easily & stays hot and humid all day.

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