Neon Eyeliner (10 colors)

Item number: PM-7
Products name :High Quality Waterproof Private Label Liquid 8 Colors Neon Eyeliner
Colors :7 Neon colors
Net weight: 1g
Size :DIA-0.9CM L-10.8CM
Texture: Matte color
Features: “Waterproof, high pigmented, Long lasting”


This set of colorful eyeliners can give you a variety of stylish looks, show your personality, and express different feelings in life. You can play with your unique beauty with blue eyeliner and purple eyeliner. ​ Other beautiful colors can also help you create a very youthful and beautiful eye look. ​
Waterproof and Sweatproof Color Eyeliner Eye Makeup Long-lasting, Bright Color Black Eyeliner Waterproof can attract the beauty you want and draw all kinds of Halloween makeup.


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