Non-Magnetic Eyeliner - Black Magnetic

Non-Magnetic Eyeliner

Item number: PM-8
Products name: non-magnetic eyeliner
Colors: Black
Net weight: 0.6g
Size: L-12.7CM DIA-0.95CM
Texture: Liquid
Features :”Matte color,Small tip,Waterproof, Long lasting 20hoursabove,Can glued eyelashes.”

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Non-Magnetic Eyeliner-PM-8

Product Description.
– Black Non-Magnetic Eyeliner gives you beautiful lashes quickly, easily, and painlessly.
– This product may be your solution to wearing false eyelashes without glue.
– Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner along your eye line, then hold your lashes in place and watch as the magnet catches your eyeliner.
– For liquid magnetic eyeliners, shake well before use for best results.
– Easy to remove magnetic eyeliner requires no glue and is convenient and easy to use.
– Stays on all day and it is easy to remove and reposition.

1. Magnetic Eyeliner is a new formula, recommended to be used with magnetic eyelashes to keep eyeliner and wear eyelashes quickly.
2. Can be used with any magnetic eyelashes, or even alone.
3. No glue is needed.
4. Can be carried around – no special skills or makeup artist required.
Eyeliner is applied the same way as any eyeliner. After applying the eyeliner, you simply place your lashes on the eyeliner and they will “click” into place smoothly. And that’s it!
5. You can have lashes that are so easy to apply and comfortable that you can wear them all day long.

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