15 colors waterproof Private Label Concealer

Item number: VV-41
Products name :15 Color Lady Long Lasting Cream Private Label Concealer
Colors: 15 colors
Net weight: 5.5g
Size: DIA-3.7CM H-2.0CM
Texture: Cream
Features: Full Coverage


Effect Description

Discover the secret to flawless, radiant skin with our 15 colors waterproof Private Label Concealer.
We understand that every individual’s skin is unique, which is why we offer a diverse selection of hues to match your skin tone perfe

  • This concealing foundation contains lecithin, mica, and vitamin E and is suitable for all normal skin types.
  • Effectively corrects and hides dark circles, redness, acne, and blemishes.
  • Long-lasting and natural-looking, oil-free, and moisturizing; creates the perfect look.
  • Suitable for blemishes such as dark circles or dark spots; blends gently with fingertips.

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Discover waterproof Private Label Concealer. Customizable shades, build your own brand

  1. You can choose from 15 colors.
  2. Package: 1 x Concealer Foundation Case
  3. MOQ | Support OEM customized options
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