Vegan Mink Eyelash Gel

Private Label Strong Adhesive Latex Free Vegan Mink Eyelash Glue

*Professional eyelash glue. Our false eyelash glue is used for beautiful double eyelids and applying false eyelashes.
* Gentle formula: gluten-free, sulfate-free, BPA-free. zero cruelty and vegan, safe for skin, even for sensitive eyes.
* Clear and fast drying: becomes sticky in seconds and dries unseen. More natural. Waterproof and sweat-proof.
* Application. Brush glue on false eyelashes and wait. When you see the glue become clear, the false lashes are ready to be applied to your lash line.

Item number: VV-76
Products name: Vegan Mink Eyelash Gel
Colors: no color
Net weight: 4g
Size: DIA-1.4CM L-7.8CM
Texture: Glue
Features: “long-wearing, waterproof”


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