Waterproof Full Coverage Foundation

Item number: F1A
Products name : Private Label Waterproof Full Coverage Foundation
Colors: 25 colors (matte)
Net weight: 30ml
SPF: SPF 15+
Texture: Black/Plastic
Features: “Enrich with Vitamin E, Waterproof, Full coverage, lasting 24 hours”

Experience a foundation like no other with our Private Label Waterproof Full Coverage Foundation!

Unveil your natural beauty with a flawless complexion that’s both stunning and long-lasting. With a remarkable range of 25 matte shades, you’ll find the perfect match to complement your skin tone and create your unique signature look. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle day-time elegance or a striking evening glam, this foundation has you covered.

Discover the science of beauty with our Foundation. Infused with the goodness of Vitamin E, it not only provides exceptional coverage but also nourishes your skin for a radiant, healthy glow.

Elevate your confidence as this foundation offers full coverage that effortlessly conceals imperfections, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. No more constant touch-ups – experience the luxury of a foundation that stands the test of time for a remarkable 24 hours.


Meet your new beauty essential: the Private Label Waterproof Full Coverage Foundation.

Step into a world of options with the 25 diverse matte shades. From the fairest porcelain to rich ebony, each color is carefully formulated for a smooth and even application, ensuring that every shade is a canvas of confidence. The SPF 15+ offers an additional layer of protection, shielding your skin from harmful sun rays and environmental stressors.

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