Waterproof Liquid brow gel

Item number: VV-34
Products name:Cruelty Free Private Label Makeup Waterproof Liquid brow gel
Colors: 5 colors ( #01 is clear color)
Function: #01: styling; #02-05: styling & colors
Net weight: 5g
Features: “Waterproof, Styling for 24 hours,”

Private Label Waterproof Liquid Brow Gel

Your ultimate solution for achieving symmetrical and captivating eyebrows in a breeze.

The innovative kit boasts an air cushion stamp, five meticulously designed templates, and a precision brow brush.

Unveil Flawless Brow Styling that Lasts
24-Hour Waterproof Brilliance

Achieve Perfect Brows with Private Label Waterproof Liquid brow gel

Unlock eyebrow perfection with our Cruelty-Free Private Label Makeup Waterproof Liquid Brow Gel. Crafted with utmost care, this brow gel offers a gentle, non-irritating, and all-natural formula that ensures a comfortable application.

Indulge in creativity with five captivating colors, including the elegantly clear #01 shade. Each hue is carefully crafted not only to style your brows but also to infuse them with a burst of stunning color.

Step into the world of artistry as you wield the 360° brush head. Designed to embrace every curve and contour of your brows, this brush head ensures your brows are elegantly layered for the most stylish and natural appearance. Sculpt, define, and refine your brows to unveil a look that is both distinctive and irresistible.

Introducing the Private Label Stencil Kit, the perfect solution for achieving symmetrical and beautiful eyebrows quickly and easily. This innovative kit includes an air cushion stamp, five templates, and a brow brush.

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