Waterproof Liquid brow gel

Item number: VV-34
Products name:Cruelty Free Private Label Makeup Waterproof Liquid brow gel
Colors: 5 colors ( #01 is clear color)
Function: #01: styling; #02-05: styling & colors
Net weight: 5g
Features: “Waterproof, Styling for 24 hours,”

This brow makeup is made with a gentle, non-irritating, all-natural formula. It does not cause any irritation to your brows or skin while leaving no unwanted residue on your brows.
The unique formula is durable and waterproof, keeping your brows looking fluffy and natural all day long. The 360° brush head layers your brows for the most stylish wild natural feathers. Shaper brows that are defined, fuller and layered will give you a more refined and natural look.


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