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Specialized analysis of cosmetic OEM processing plants

In recent years, cosmetics have become more and more accepted by the public as a daily consumer product, which has also brought more market opportunities to the cosmetics market. The rapid growth of cosmetic consumption has also brought about the rapid growth of a number of cosmetic OEM companies. The daily chemical market is a brand-possessed market. At present, there are about 20,000 daily chemical brands in China, but only about 3,000 large and small daily chemical enterprises with production capacity, and the number of large cosmetic manufacturers with plants over 50 acres is gradually increasing, which is also the booming market of daily chemical brands driving the prosperity of OEM business of cosmetic manufacturers.

Ensure product quality

In the OEM process, the OEM manufacturer‘s quality, technology, capacity, price, and service are to determine its foothold in the market, especially the quality of this pass, because it involves not only the operator’s marketing in the market but also the reputation and visibility of OEMs in the industry. In the case of the cosmetics industry, due to the special nature of cosmetics, quality has to be mentioned as a priority. For cosmetic OEMs, ensuring quality has to be controlled from two aspects.
  On the one hand, they have to improve their processing technology and ensure the applicability of their equipment. Shenzhen Thincen has imported advanced technology and equipment from abroad because they produce for world-famous brands, but they also adjust their technology and process to the differences between Chinese and Western aspects to ensure that the technology is in place.
  But on the other hand, the OEM customers should also be selected, that is, counterfeit products will not be processed, and the price of raw materials is too low. The product grade is too poor and will not be processed. Like Guangzhou Mengting resolutely not to use poor quality raw materials for production to reduce the cost of enterprise processing, this is not a business and a brand relationship, but will cause adverse effects on the whole industry. If the raw materials are too poor, the product is too low-grade on the reputation of OEM companies has an impact.

Improve the quality of service

To some extent, it can be said that the service determines the future of OEM enterprises. In the era of OEM with serious homogenization of products and a transparent price industry, the pressure on OEM enterprises is also quite big. Not only to improve technology but also to provide quality service. Therefore, service will be a key factor to determine the future development of OEM enterprises, which has excellent service, and will be more recognized by customers.

Strengthen R&D capability

For Chinese cosmetic OEM companies, signing up with big international brands is not to earn processing fees, but to enhance the international competitiveness of beauty products “made in China” through cooperation with big brands. Because it is not easy to get the heart of big brands, such as familiarity with R&D direction, the practical operation method of the quality system, clarity, and professionalism of business division are all hard criteria. This requires cosmetic OEM companies to improve their R&D capabilities.

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