What is a private label lipstick tube

Do you know what a private label lipstick tube is?

It is well known that lipstick tubes are used to hold lipstick and lip balm products. With the rise of lipstick products, many packaging companies are focusing on the packaging structure of complex lipstick tubes.

A lipstick tube consists of multiple components. There are two main types of packaging: volatile and non-volatile. The majority of packaging, including lipstick tubes, is filled by automated machines. Various elements are mixed in diverse manners, and the control over tolerance is frequently inadequate.

Most packaging is automatically filled by machines with different ingredients, including lipstick tubes in different ways. Or poor design and unreasonable or even inappropriate use of lubricants can cause downtime or abnormal function.

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The production process of private label lipstick tube

1. Basic Material

Different lipstick tubes are made from different materials, including plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy, etc. Some users also use sheepskin as an accessory to show the quality of the product.

2. Molding Process

The primary material used to make lipstick tubes is plastic, which is usually injection molded. This includes the top cap, base, and any other accessories associated with the center beam core.

3. Surface treatment

There are many surface treatment methods for lipstick tubes. There are several ways to treat the surface of plastic parts, such as spraying, plating, evaporation, laser engraving, and insertion. For aluminum products, you can use oxidizable plating or anodic oxidation.

4. Graphic printing

There are different printing methods that can be used to add graphics to the cap and base of a lipstick tube. These methods include screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, heat transfer, water transfer printing, and more. The choice of printing method depends on the user’s preferences.

How to find the right cosmetic contract manufacturer

In China, there are two major bases for cosmetic packaging materials. One is Shantou, Guangdong, and the other is Yuyao, Ningbo, and the surrounding Shangyu area. There are also some suppliers in Guangzhou, Suzhou, and Shenzhen. Such as Shantou Xingu, Zhejiang Yongsheng, Shenzhen Thincen, etc.

1. Choose a lipstick tube supplier

Before choosing a supplier, be sure to complete an evaluation of the supplier’s bead fork screw design. Do not choose a supplier for the following reasons. The supplier’s aluminum is not the same as the material used by L’Oreal, and the filling machine is not the same. The plastic channel is not stable, the assembly line is not experienced, or not standardized.

The easiest way is that without the correct drawings of the bead fork screws, the supplier is a mystery.

2. Quality control index of a lipstick tube

There are feel indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, air tightness, materials, size matching problems, aluminum-plastic errors and color problems, production efficiency problems, filling volume problems, and meeting product requirements.3. Risks of choosing aluminum lipstick tubes

If the structure of aluminum products is not flat, it may bring safety hazards to consumers. To assess this risk, sharps testing equipment compliant with 16 CFR 1500.49 should be used. Insulating temperature tape should be selected by MIL-I-23594B (1971).

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