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What to Look for When Choosing a Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

With the further improvement of global consumption levels and the increase in demand for color cosmetics products, the global color cosmetics market will continue to expand in the next five years, and the market size is expected to exceed US$100 billion by 2022. The cosmetics industry is booming. In order to reduce operating costs, many brand owners choose to cooperate with powerful cosmetic manufacturers. For small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient funds who have recently entered the cosmetics industry, it is undoubtedly a wise choice to choose cosmetics manufacturers for processing. However, in order to avoid product problems, be sure to pay attention to the following issues when choosing a cosmetic manufacturer:

  1. Private and White Label
    There are two common types of cosmetic manufacturers: private label or white label. Private label cosmetic lines are customized by manufacturers, allowing cosmetic businesses to sell their products under their brand names. With private label manufacturers, you have the option to customize your product, such as color, fragrance or packaging options.
    A white-label manufacturer makes cosmetics for multiple brands and then rebrands them under its name. While private label and white label manufacturing are similar and cost-effective, partnering with a private label manufacturer allows for more customization, which makes your product unique and difficult to find elsewhere.
    Cosmetics manufacturers’ OEM processing is mainly to help enterprises and their own brands to produce. Different products have different requirements, various standards will also have different regulations, and the production process will be more complicated and cumbersome. Processing by cosmetic manufacturers can not only reduce capital investment, but also save labor costs and time. In addition, cosmetics manufacturers will strictly control the production requirements of the products in the production process, and check the production process of the products, so that the enterprises can rest assured.
  2. Learn about manufacturer strength
    The more important thing in choosing a manufacturer is the quality of production, which can ensure that companies dare to choose a manufacturer for cooperation. The production level of cosmetic manufacturers that have passed the quality certification tends to be stable, which is the experience advantage brought by the perennial processing. Therefore, experienced cosmetic manufacturers in the industry are the preferred partners of brands.

We all know that there are many types of cosmetics, each brand has its own eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, etc. The formula and processing requirements of these products are very different, but they can all be produced by powerful cosmetics manufacturers. With advanced equipment and experienced team, we can handle the production of different types of cosmetics well, ensuring the quality of the products.

Through these, we can clearly understand the characteristics of cosmetics manufacturers’ OEM processing, and also clearly understand the reasons for the cooperation between brand owners and manufacturers. The rich processing experience of the manufacturer ensures the stability of the production level, and the strict management in the processing process avoids unnecessary trouble when the subsequent products are launched.